Investor’s Visa

Investor Visas is a visa that is used for foreign citizens (WNA) investing in Indonesia with a minimum capital value of 1 billion in a PMA company, either as a Director or a Commissioner. Investor visas have 2 different types of visas which are divided according to the validity period of the Can, namely the validity period of 1 year and 2 years.

The Investor Visas service that we provide includes the cost of making a KITAS.

Requirements that must be prepared to get an Investor Visas, include:
– ID Card and ID Tax of the responsible person of the company (KTP/KITAS/NPWP)
– Bank Account Statement of Guarantor / Sponsor Minimum 1 month
– Ratification from the Ministry of Law and Human Right of sponsor company
– ID Tax Registration Number (NPWP)
– Company Registration Certificate (NIB), Business Lisence, Business Domicile
– Passport for foreigners
– Foreigner Email and Active Phone Number

Price of 1 Year Investor Visas IDR 15,999,000, Estimated 4-5 Working Days
Price of 2 Year Investor Visas IDR 17,999,000, Estimated 4-5 Working Days

* There is no additional fee for the Jabodetabek Domicile Area
* Prices include PNBP 50 USD + 150 USD
* Price includes KITAS
* Pick up upon arrival to pass through the special immigration route